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System Navigation Charts for Stanton available

UIMA is proud to announce their first product for the SC Universe; System Navigation Charts (SNC’s) for the Stanton system.
Our SNC’s are aimed at the demanding Space Pilots who want to be able to get their information instantly and correctly when jumping out of one of the Worm Holes into any SC system.
Our SNC charts informs the pilot about important information like:

  • Available mining RESOURCES
  • Distances in the system
  • Celestial Bodies and their positions
  • Available Rest Stops
  • Orbital stations
  • FUELING and REPAIRING locations
  • etc.
Got to our PRODUCTS section to download the SNC package for the Stanton System. Please note that to date the system is not completed yet, new Celestial Bodies (ARCCORP and MICROTECH) will be added when they come online.