UEE Intergalactic Mapping Agency or UIMA is a young dynamic company located in the STANTON Solar System and operating in the SC universe providing mapping services to the UEE and beyond….

CEO – Lische Slotjeski

UIMA started in 2xxx as a small one person enterprise providing Solar System mapping to individual pilots and small organizations. Our business grew rapidly as demand for accurate and usable Solar System maps was increasing. Now xx years later UIMA has grown to a solid mature mapping services agency well know for its maps that provide navigational information to Space Pilots on Solar System level.
Besides providing mapping services to pilots, UIMA also extended its activities into Exploration. For this we purchased an RSI Constellation Aquila which will be not only utilized as an exploration vessel but also will be our main mapping platform
You will find our office near the ARCCORP Area 18 landing zone.